ABUS Universal Padlock Disc Lock for Motorcycles and Scooters 305 5mm Orange

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Brand: Abus
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With its 5mm locking pin made of special hardened steel and the shimmering metal mold body, you have a good thief deterrent with you. Even the ABUS quality cylinder of the 305 disc lock does not underestimate the risk of unauthorized use of your vehicle.The automatic closing is easy to use and makes everyday use pleasant: just press the large automatic button and the scooter is safe. The two reversible keys supplied also contribute to increased convenience. And to prevent dirt and corrosion from quickly scratching the lock we have integrated a manual lid.

Data sheet:

  • 5 mm locking pin
  • The pin is made of special case-hardened steel
  • Easy to use with snap closure and automatic locking
  • Quality cylinder
  • Two keys included
  • Basic protection in low-theft areas
  • Recommended for securing mopeds and scooters
  • Supplied with carrying case for easy and safe transport in a dedicated compartment, eg.compartment under the seat
  • For greater safety during prolonged stops, it is recommended to fix the motorcycle to a fixed external object in addition to the disc lock
  • The disc locks belong to a very compact category of motorcycle anti-theft devices and,easy to transport
Technical specifications
  • Reparto road
  • Colore Orange
  • Reparto cross enduro
  • Reparto touring