Alpinestars SUPERTECH S-M8 RADIUM 2 Cross Enduro Motorcycle Helmet White Red Glossy

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Brand: Alpinestars
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The design of the S-M8 helmet is consistent with Alpinestars philosophy and shares distinctive themes with other products of the brand: a smooth and captivating profile, tapered and free from external elements and channels that could act as a load point in the event of an impact or compromise the general integrity of the structure. The curvature of the surface helps reduce friction at the time of impact, allowing deflection and more efficient energy transfer to protect the rider's head from force directed at the skull and from force transmitted to the neck and spine. The opening is designed to accommodate a wide variety of goggles and the vents in the shell are positioned to maximize ventilation efficiency.

1.The shell of the S-M8 was designed with performance as a priority and with a design style that identifies
the profile of the helmet and its contoured surface as uniquely 'Alpinestars'.
2.Another key feature is the S-M8 shell sizing solution; each helmet size has its own
specific shell to offer the most anatomical solution for the wide variety of fit needs worldwide.
3. The helmet shell construction uses highly advanced molding technology with a combination

  • 3K carbon, high density carbon outer layer that improves the strength and efficiency of energy dissipation on the shell.
  • Unidirectional carbon composite layer offering significantly increased radial resistance around the shell, preventing blade while allowing controlled deflection to reduce transmitted impact energy.
  • Layer of aramid fiber which provides crucial protection against penetration.
  • This combination of layers offers even higher performance thanks to the epoxy resin which offers the best possible resistance and the best energy distribution; the limited deflection of the outer shell causes energy to spread more widely and be better absorbed by the EPS liner.

4 The result of the unique shell layering process employed in the construction of the S-M8 results in extremely effective impact protection.

  • Thanks to a highly equipped helmet testing facility within Alpinestars Racing Development Center, an extensive impact research program has ensured that the Supertech M8 returns linear and oblique impact performance that greatly improves current regulatory limits of helmets.
  • For the direct, linear impact, with an average magnitude of 41% and for therotational acceleration, oblique,with an average of 48%