Body Technical Triathlon Sixs Activewear Carbon Black

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Body Technical Triathlon Sixs Activewear Carbon Black

Body for triathlon in Carbon Activewear: thanks to the exceptional water-repellent properties of polypropylene, the body does not retain liquids, immediately dispersing the water and the weight that brings. Immediately dry, prevents irritations and abrasions; perfect in the time of transition swim \ bike. The inner cap, drilled and low, guarantees maximum performance without soaking. The skin is always dry and thermo-regulated, as if you were wearing a second skin.

Data sheet:

  • Same breathability and temperature regulation of Carbon Underwear®, with a structure designed for outerwear garments
  • Thanks to its soft elasticity fits perfectly to your body
  • Caseback Triathlon: Developed to a single 65Kg / m3 density and a 3mm thickness provides excellent protection and at the same time an incredible elasticity. The addition of the perforation allows the boss, after the discipline of swimming, quick drying and high breathability.