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Supertech R has undergone a number of changes to further enhance its protective performance. Improvements for 2015 include a new sole redesigned in mixes lightweight to offer excellent grip and feeling and allow the natural flex of the foot to the change of position of the pilot, an update to the tibial plate ergonomic protection of new design TPU with innovative slider side replaceable for exceptional abrasion resistance. And a flexible area f ront redesigned TPU sovriniettato of breathable mesh with reliefs shaped to offer support, ease of movement back and forth, and abrasion resistance. - All innovations that improve performance from the podium of this boot is CE certified.

Technical Data:

  • Upper in microfibre robust technique that offers superb levels of flexibility. The main building offers excellent levels of water resistance, strength and lightness. The material ensures a snug constant over time, and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Zone flexion redesigned and produced TPU sovriniettato of breathable mesh with reliefs.
  • External TPU shin protection of new ergonomic design that wraps around the outside calf, designed to distribute and dissipate the energy of the impact on its surface while maintaining a compact size.
  • Tibial baseplate with new micro-adjustable double hook closure for a secure fit and precise.Innovative panel medial microfiber full length with new surface to provide grip and excellent sensitivity on the frame of the bike as well as protect it from abrasion and heat. Outsole lightweight rubber compound redesigned to provide excellent grip and feeling. New panel elastic soft TPU lateral to improve fit and closure.
  • The hinge is made of TPU to reduce friction in case of fall.
  • The cursor Velcro keeps the zipper closed. Slider integrated replaceable TPU / aluminum co-injected with new screw fixing to offer outside of the foot feeling and protection from abrasion.
  • Area stretch microfiber bellows on the heel for support and ease of movement.
  • Neck, which follows the contour of the leg elastic synthetic leather of high quality reinforced PU.
  • Transition area flexible and light to ensure the right feeling in gear changes. Version ventilated: air intakes TPU heel and shin that channel the air in the boot. Reinforcement separate biomechanical ankle that works in synergy with the external structure of the boot to form a protective system that allows full and free mobility of the foot, ankle and leg. Slider polymeric replaceable heel for impact protection and reduce friction in case of fall. Panel fit external bellows for a snug fit and ease.
  • Supertech R boot is CE certified to EN 13634: 2010.
  • Available in sizes 39-48.

Protector innovative interior

  • The boot reinforced biomechanical ankle has torsion bars double hook inside and inside to absorb gradually the stress on the ankle flexion and rotation, and reduce the trauma from pressure and hyperextension of the ankle.
  • The internal reinforcement of the ankle is made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide and ergonomic padding closed-cell protection and comfort.
  • Cast in polyamide blends around the sole offer protection against impact.
  • Made of lightweight and breathable mesh for 3D technical riding comfort unrivaled.


MotoGP derived protection

  • External TPU shin protection extends to the outer calf, and is designed to distribute and dissipate the energy of the impact over the entire surface while remaining compact. Vented sections promote airflow into the boot.
  • Reinforcements separate internal working with the boot exterior to form a protective system.
  • The slider plug on the tip provides feel and protects the area from abrasion fingers (available replacement magnesium slider).
  • The slider (replaceable) TPU heel impact protection and reduce the 'friction in case of a fall
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