Boots Moto Cross Off-Road Tcx Ages Michelin Comp White / Red / Blue

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Boots Moto Cross Off-Road Tcx Com Ages Michelin

Data sheet:

  • Upper - Microfiber highly resistant to wear and leg in PU
  • Lining - Breathable fabric and soft padding PU positioned in the ankle
  • Reinforcements - Double Flex Control System; shin protector PU, adjustable; Reinforced toe and heel in polyurethane; internal heat protection
  • Levers - 4 aluminum buckles, micro adjustable and interchangeable
  • Outsole - New sole MICHELIN HYBRID MX, highly resistant 'usury
  • CE certification


The new Double Flex Control system is fitted with a joint polyurethane positioned in the ankle joint to provide optimum flexibility in / out. The system is anchored to the leg portion of the boot by means of two screws hidden positioned in correspondence of the malleoli.This special construction promotes flexibility front up to 18 degrees and, thanks to the presence of two tongues which slide inside special pockets, to check the rear of the quarter flexibility which does not exceed 15 degrees, thus avoiding possible trauma caused by joint 'extension beyond the natural limits of the same.


The structure of the Double Flex Control System integrates a closing band that works in synergy with the system. This band follows the natural flexion of the ankle and allows a precise seal, resulting in increased driving performance.


The leg section is characterized by the presence of an external structure in polyurethane and a soft inner uppers designed to provide a perfect winding of the leg and a consequent great level of comfort.
Construction details of the inner upper:
1 soft microfiber that allows more winding calf;
2 double Velcro closure;
3 higher elastic collar to prevent the entrance of mud, dust and debris;


The leg PU is equipped with a rubber protection against heat, which also offers an optimal grip on the frame of the bike.


The shin protector is made of polyurethane and has a an adjustment system to adapt perfectly to the various dimensions of the calf and the insertion of guardians / knee guards. This adjustment is based on a system of screws which run inside hidden holes, each with two different positions to choose a function of the amplitude range that you want to obtain.


The new levers have an ergonomic design that facilitates the opening, even in the case in which a gloved hand.The particular structure ensures the micro adjustment and an optimal centering of each single lever and is fully interchangeable.
of the locking lever Composition:
1 toothed belt, micro-adjustable with a guy in aluminum;
2 Lever in Aluminum and Nylon 66 to facilitate the sliding of the tie rod and allow an easy closing of the lever even in the presence of dust and mud


X-HELIUM pleasant, average off road TCX-the-range, featuring the new suoa developed in partnership with Michelin.The new Michelin MX Hybrid sole, is characterized by a special design that provides maximum grip, traction and stability. The special compound of which is made makes it highly resistant to abrasion and to tearing.


This particular technique involves the assembly of the boot on a polyurethane insole, built in differentiated thicknesses and densities and characterized by the presence of a steel insert positioned in the heel to provide maximum protection in case of impact.The insole is sewn directly on the boot and, via a high-tenacity bonding process, the rubber sole is subsequently applied (Michelin®), which is easily interchangeable and replaceable in case of wear.

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