Cabron GHOST IRON Moto Jet Helmet

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Brand: Caberg
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Shape and aggressive style combine with a unique functionality and convenience on the market. This jet is equipped with a special eyeglass visor that adheres to the face thanks to the sponge on its lower profile, in addition to a mask that protects the face from atmospheric agents and insects. Thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism, the opening and closing motion of the mask visor is simple and intuitive and can be done with ease using only one hand, unlike Jet helmets with simple elastic goggles and masks.
Ghost can be easily used in 4 configurations:
1) complete with visor, lower profile visor in sponge and mask;
2) complete with a lower profile sponge mask with mask (ideal in warm months but always with mask protection);
3) complete with visor and lower profile visor in sponge and without mask;
4) only with visor, without the lower profile visor in the sponge and without the mask.
The shell is made of tricomposite material (glass fiber, carbon, aramid fibers) in two shell sizes, and also the full carbon version with carbon fiber cap.
Visor clouding is prevented by the presence of the double pinlock lens that is easy to assemble and remove.
The interiors are made of breathable and allergenic fabrics that are completely removable and washable. All Italian finishes like the five rivets drowned in the hem edge, the steel air vents on the windshield and the eco-leather inserts show the attention and care of details.
Ghost, thanks to the spaces for the speakers inside the extractable extension, can be equipped with the Caberg Bluetooth Communicator JUST SPEAK S. To customize your Ghost, in addition to the lightly smoked standard visor, mirror visors, fully dark, completely transparent and yellow visors are available. Caberg offers the possibility to purchase the sponge profile in three different thicknesses: 18 mm, 21 mm, for perfect fit to the face of the visor sponge. and 25 mm.
The color versions are: opaque black, gloss black, white in addition to the opaque black / white LEGEND graphic version, and the FLUO version with black opaque cap and CARBON.
Ghost is produced in Italy.

Data sheet:

  • Shell: tricomposite - glass fiber, aramid fibers, carbon
  • Double sheath size
  • Scratch resistant visor with Pinlock Max Vision series
  • Micrometric buckle
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Internal treated SANITIZED
  • Removable paranoid
  • Sponge mask available in 3 different thicknesses
  • Ready for Bluetooth Just Speak S Bluetooth Interface
  • Including Pinlock Lens
  • Weight1150gr +/- 50g

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