CGM 205A MAGIC MONO Children's Jet Helmet Long Blue Metallic Visor

Product code: Code: 205a-hla-79
Brand: Cgm
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Made with a cap specially created for children, which has 4 sizes to cover the different age groups, the 205 is a light child's demijet with a snug fit. In a single-color version it is produced in five different colors and is characterized by removable and washable interiors in light colors that combine with the white eco-leather of the external cheek pads, the under chin and the perimeter gasket of the shell and the white screw of the visor fixing system. The long visor offers greater protection from the wind.

Data sheet:

  • Shell: thermoplastic material
  • Anti-scratch painting
  • Long visor
  • Removable interior
  • Strap with micrometric closure
  • Weight: 760 +/- 50gr


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