Cross Enduro Motorcycle Glasses 100% ACCURI Forrest Clear Lens

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Brand: 100%
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The 100% Accuri mask has ergonomics designed for better comfort. The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross in America and is linked to many historical moments that have built the roots and history of what ' the modern motocross.
The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early '80s when the popular logo appeared on clothing, caps, big names in motocross stars and stripes.
The ACCURI model is a spectacle made of flexible and rugged material, the triple sponge from that feeling of comfort and perfect fit that only top range goggles can give.
When you're having fun running or you are engaged in a competition between your eyes and the outside world there is only one lens.This subject should give you the best possible view in every condition, so that your concretion is in the guide and not distracted by other factors, so to win you have to give 100%!

Data sheet:

  • Flexible and durable frame
  • Extra-large elastic for perfect maintenance
  • The urethane frame is flexible and resistant to any test, and the 4.5cm extra silicone elastic sleeve ensures perfect sealing on your helmet.
  • Produced by the 100% brand, the Accuri mask is here featured with a transparent lens that offers total protection against UV rays.