Cross Enduro Universal hand guards Acerbis X-Factor Red

Code: 17557110
Brand: Acerbis
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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X-Factor is the new hand guard ultra indicated for those in search of greater security is among the most extreme enduro both among users of maxi-enduro

Technical data sheet:

  • It is featuring a barrain ANTICORODAL section "C" 35mm
  • (1) ensures a resistance 5 times higher than in a classic paramano aluminum. Bracelets, increased thickness, increased from 15 mm. to 19 mm
  • (2) greater solidity, but also increase the torsional capacity guaranteed by expander made entirely of steel. The cover to the bi-injection wider
  • (3) protects most of the hands of the pilot.Pre-shaped slits may increase ventilation
  • All handlebars classic OFF-ROAD aluminum with internal diameter of ø 13.5 mm. ø 16 mm. diametr or outside diameter 22 mm. f ATBar outer diameter ø 28 mm.and T winwall
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