Cross Helmet Cross Enduro Grex G5.1 Scraped Flat Asphalt

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Brand: Grex
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Cross Helmet Cross Enduro Grex G5.1 Scraped Flat Asphalt

The new off-road integral helmet from the Grex collection features refurbished aesthetics and finishes: lime green comfort lining, DD-ring retention system and lateral metallic nets. Black / Matte Shiny Contrasts for the Kinetic Version. The Couplé segment, on the other hand, is characterized by the eye-catching color matching components / components.
Data sheet:

  • Polycarbonate shell:

It is printed in Lexan ™ by SABIC. As proven by scrupulous laboratory testing, Lexan® has mechanical strength properties far superior to ABS, the raw material used to mold almost all helmets on the market.And a conformation of the pillows to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Double ring closure

Particularly suitable for extended use of the helmet, it is the most popular retention system for track use.


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