Enduro Moto Cross Pants Alpinestars Venture Pants 2015 Black Orange

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Division: cross enduro
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Lightweight, durable and specifically designed to withstand abuse Enduro, the Venture Pants make full use of the rear panel Alpinestars patented 'Vector' structure and a pre-curved legs to offer high levels of mobility and comfort. Optimized for use with the Venture Jacket for BNS

Fact Sheet:

  • Structure blend fabric nylon / polyester, lightweight but durable and resistant to abrasion and tearing.
  • The rear panel 'Vector', patent Alpinestars offers the ultimate in comfort and flexibility.
  • Private pre-curved and multi panel of the legs for a perfect fit in the riding position.
  • Knee reinforced and padded 3D structure, with medial leather panel for improved heat resistance.
  • Heavy nylon reinforcements on the seat area for improved abrasion resistance.
  • Interior light, ventilated mesh for a comfortable ride to the next level.
  • Adjusting to life in self-locking hook allows it to fit perfectly the pants.
  • Discreet zipper front.
  • The elasticized ankles prevent excessive movement of the leg while driving

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