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Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

Modular Motorbike Helmet

The ideal motorcycle helmet for the modern motorcyclist seems to be a modular helmet, thanks to its versatility, which allows it to be transformed from a classic full-face helmet into a comfortable jet helmet, thanks to the possibility to overturn or remove completely the chin guard, an accessory for motorcycle safety that is becoming more and more successful. The modular helmets that you can find on offer at outlet prices in our online store are mainly of two types: Openable, with chin guard that can be raised on the head and equipped with double visor, or Crossover type, modular motorcycle helmets in which the chin guard can be completely removed.

Depending on how it has been approved, the flip up motorcycle helmet can be worn or not with the chin guard open, so depending on the use you need to ascertain before the type of approval of the modular motorbike helmets that you want to buy. We offer you an exceptional online sale of modular helmets with unmissable offers, buy the modular helmet that you like best at an outlet price among the lowest there are, you can take advantage of quality and save at the same time.