Full Carbon Motorcycle Helmet X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon MOTO GP 031 Red

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This is the X-lite full-face racing helmet with a high carbon content, enriched by an exclusive track set-up (RS - Racetrack Setup). This consists of: additional Dark Green visor in the box, aerodynamic appendix (RAS - Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler) and exclusive headset position adjustment system (LPC - Liner Positioning Control). Furthermore, the already appreciated and consolidated technical characteristics of X-803 ULTRA CARBON are confirmed: extremely low weight and volume (thanks to the construction rich in carbon and the availability of three outer shell sizes), system for removing the cheek pads in case of emergency (NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System), reliable visor mechanism with Double Action device, effective RAF (Racing Air Flow) ventilation system and Carbon Fitting Racing Experience internal comfort padding (with innovative mesh construction).X-803 RS ULTRA CARBON is proposed as the most exclusive full-face racing helmet for the motorcyclist who wants to enjoy the best experience on the track.

Data sheet:


  • Made of carbon fiber renowned for its impact resistance and lightness
  • Made in 3 outer shell sizes (1 ° xxs / xs / s - 2 ° m / l - 3 ° xl / xxl)
  • Lost: 1250 +/- 50gr
  • Multi-density EPS for optimized shock absorption
  • NERS Nolan Emergency Release System allows you to remove the helmet more easily in case of emergency
  • Strap closure DOUBLE D ring


  • Transparent visorultra wide angle which offers a wide field of view
  • Pinlock lens included
  • Dual Action System: Allows the visor to be locked to prevent it from opening at high speeds


  • 1 high-flow chin guard air vent with demisting function
  • 1 front air intake with direct entry
  • 2 upper vents with diffuse entry
  • 2 side extractors for air evacuation

Other characteristics:

  • Internal comfort padding: CARBON FITTING RACING EXPERIENCE, made with carbon filaments, antistatic and dissipative thermoregulatory element.
  • LPC (Liner Positioning Control): Allows you to adjust the position of the headset, allowing you to change the position of the helmet on the head, adapting it to different needs and anatomical conformations.
  • The adjustable ASD aerodynamic system in the back optimizes the stability of the helmet and the evacuation of hot air
  • RAS: (Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler) RAS aerodynamic spoiler, reduces the aerodynamic drag of the helmet and improves its stability at high speeds in the riding position under the fairing.
  • Elongated lower back for greater static and dynamic comfort

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