Glasses Moto Cross Enduro Hz GMZ1 Foward Black

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Brand: Hz
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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Moto Cross Enduro Goggles Hz GMZ1 Foward Black

Fact Sheet:

GMZ1 The mask is made with excellent materials to give the product a good value for money.
The frame is molded in thermoplastic polyurethane non-toxic and non-allergenic and is very flexible to give the optimal anatomical fit a mask on the face of each athlete.
The design of a visual field 180gradi.
The perimeter of the frame is equipped with ventilation holes that ensure a perfect recycling air inside the mask and facilitate breathability without compromising visibility.
the three waves in solicone applied within the elastic give it a good grip to prevent movement of the mask during use.the material used for making the absorbent foam is a single density and guarantees a great comfort.
The lens provided in the standard configuration is transparent and is produced Lexan polycarbonate, with a special antifog treatment inside and outside antiscratch.

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