Goggles Moto Cross Enduro 100% ACCURI Mirror Lens Reflex BLUI Legion Blue Lens More Transparent

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Brand: 100%
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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The mask 100% Accuri has ergonomically designed for a better comfort.l 100% brand and 'always been synonymous with motocross in America and is' linked to many historical moments that have built the roots and history of what 'and' the modern motocross.
100% brand roots date back to the early '80 when the popular logo appeared on clothing, Caps, on the helmets of the big names in motocross stars and stripes.
The model ACCURI and 'a pair of glasses made of flexible material and at the same time robust, triple sponge' that feeling of comfort and perfect fit 'glasses that only top of the line can give.
When you're having to turn in motion or you are engaged in a competition between your eyes and the outside world there is' only one lens.Lende This should give you the best view in all conditions, so that 'your concetrazione both the road and not distracted by other factors, because' to win you have to give 100%!

Fact Sheet:

  • Frame is flexible and durable
  • Elastic extra-large for a perfect maintenance
  • The urethane frame is flexible and resistant to any test and the elastic extra-large 4.5 cm coated with silicon ensures a perfect fit on your helmet.
  • Produced by brand 100%, the mask Accuri is proposed here with a clear lens that offers total protection against UV rays.
  • With the purchase of eyeglasses with Mirror lens is included in the package is also a clear lens and a pack of 20 tear off instead with the purchase of eyeglasses without the mirror lens isincluding only the package of 20 lenses tear
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