Goggles Moto Cross Enduro 100% Racecraft Neon Sign lens Chiara

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Brand: 100%
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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News from the USA! Racecraft the top of the range glasses 100% Ride, the result of a research project aimed at functionality and exclusivity of the product. Racecraft is a synthesis of precision, functionality and design !! Available in many colors with mirrored lenses and, of course, anti-fog!
Sturdy and comfortable, the mask 100% Racecraft offers a high level of performance with a high-end finishing.

Fact Sheet:

  • The mount with double urethane combines flexibility and resistance to any test and the elastic extra-large 4.5 cm coated silicon ensures a perfect fit on your helmet.
  • Equipped with air vents and a removable bridge for total comfort, this mask produced by the Racecraft brand is 100%proposed here with a lens Antifog Chiara
  • Frame is flexible and durable
  • Vents and removable bridge
  • Elastic extra-large for a perfect maintenance
  • protection removable nasal
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