Guardian Protective UFO Morpho Fit For Red Knee LEFT

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Morpho Fit Ufo Plast is a product made in Italy that is a new and innovative response in the conceptual landscape guardians articulated for the protection of the knee in sports.
This is the result of a careful and constructive cooperation between Alberto Barozzi concept, Tek Neg (engineering) and the Technical Staff of UFO Plast, which has enabled us to develop a product that embodies a number of technical and functional factors, such as:

Technical Data Sheet:

  • Ergonomic design with structural features high-performance special plastic polymer.
  • Absolute containment of the knee thanks to Morpho Fit:

a - Support medial and lateral collateral ligaments b -Support anterior cruciate ligament and posterior c - protection patella;

  • 3) Proper adjustment using the appropriate sizes and intuitive adjustments available;
  • Buffers condilici adjustable and made of spherical support of various thickness for optimum containment of the joint also in terms of rotation.CPSO (Condylar Pad Spheric Orientation);
  • Support tibial and adjustable in two versions, with reference to the subjective morphologic structure of the tibia, for a proper fit and comfort. TOP (Shank Orientation Position);
  • Containment system controlled by the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).ACLSS (Crociat Ligament Anterior Support System);
  • Containment medial and lateral collateral ligaments;
  • Articulation quadrilateral structural stainless steel sealed, for a correct ratio of translation and rotation of the joint and the best integration in the movement of flexion-extension of the knee;
  • Patella cup structure for efficient dissipation of impact, thus limiting the direct impact on the patella;
  • Telescopic structure to protect the upper rectus femoris - vastus medialis and sartorius.
  • Fixing system to the leg 4 adjustable points for a correct positioning.
  • Without limiting hyperextension with variations: 0 ° - 15 ° -25 ° - 35 °. ILS (Iperextension limit system)
  • Attacks adjustable for the best fit to the leg straps.
  • Straps welded hypoallergenic and antibacterial reduced thickness for better comfort and containment;
  • Thermoformed BAL (bioclimatic low action) with polyurethane foam structure and antibacterial textured bubble wrap to ensure the best fit to the leg and a reduced ratio bioclimatic high power shock absorption.Easily removable for easy cleaning;
  • Support to interference with the upper part of the boot to support the brace. MFBS (Morpho Boots Fit System);
  • Care system run independently thanks to the conceptual engineering expressed in the finished product: ADHM. (Assembly / disassembly home made);
  • All materials are water resistant and non-corrosive;
  • Reduced weight. (740 g).
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