Helmet Moto Modular Nolan N90 Classic Black Double NCOM approval

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Brand: Nolan
Division: road
brands: unisex
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N90 is the openable full-face helmet by Nolan ®, the result of experience gained by the Company with the previous models of the same typology (N100, N101, N102, N103). The look is made even more enjoyable by all the color of the helmet components. Simplicity and attention to every single detail in an elegant and comfortable helmet, high standard of quality that has always distinguished the products Nolan ®: - Shell with a streamlined and modern design; - Internal padding latest generation "Clima Comfort" removable and washable and effective air ducts in the inner shell ensuring constant air recirculation inside the helmet, and providing comfort for the rider in all conditions of use.

Tecnca card:

  • Ventilation system with front air intakes - located at the bottom and top of the shell - ensuring excellent internal ventilation, in combination with the rear extractor, facilitating the outflow of hot and stale.
  • New visor with innovative quick release mechanism that makes it even quicker assembly and disassembly thereof.
  • VPS (Vision Protection System
  • sunscreen (VPS) operated from the outside is easily disassembled for cleaning or replacement. Features S / R (Scratch Resistant) and F / R (Fog Resistant) treatment.
  • N90 is fitted with the DUAL ACTION opening system: positioned in the center of the chin guard, it can be opened with one hand. This system was designed to ensure ultimate practicality; The Dual Action mechanism prevents the chin guard from opening accidentally, thus granting maximum safety.
  • N90 is P / J approved, that has passed the homologation tests required by the ECE regulations, both for full-face configuration (with closed chin guard) and Jet configuration (with open chin guard), with a specific control lever that secures the chin up position
  • Is also characterized by the famous and appreciated Nolan ®: Microlock retention system, antibacterial treatment for the inner lining, and Nolan Fog Resistant system (NFR).
  • The opening of the chin guard is through a special rotation point, which reduces the frontal area when the chin guard in the open position.
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