Integral Motorcycle Helmet HJC I70 Double Visor Glossy Black

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Integral Motorcycle Helmet HJC I70 Double Visor Monocolour Glossy Black. Integral Motorcycle Helmet HJC I70 Double Visor Asto Black Red.The new helmet produced by HJC, the I70 model is equipped with a polycarbonate shell, light and comfortable.I70 It is supplied with a visor plu , and an integrated sun visor.I70 is also equipped with a new and powerful internal ventilation system consisting of 5 fans.

Data sheet:

  • I70 is produced in Advanced Polycarbonate Shell: light and comfortable, the HJC i 70 helmet guarantees an optimal fit. It is equipped with a quick-acting internal solar visor and an anti-fog lens included.
  • Advanced Polycarbonate shell: light and comfortable thanks to the use of CAD technology during the design phase.
  • Vision plus (+ 10mm). The wide visor guarantees increased visibility.
  • The new HJC helmet features Sun Visor with wide visibility and anti-scratch treatment. Better peripheral visibility that helps reduce eye strain and excellent sun protection.
  • Powerful ventilation and air extraction system consisting of 5 fans. The fl ow of air eliminates heat and humidity from the upper ventilation.
  • Micro Buckle: easy to use and adjustable.
  • Ultra-quick, Simple and secure visor hooking system.
  • Visor prepared for anti-fog lens, anti-fog lens included.



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