Integral Motorcycle Helmet in X-Lite Fiber X-903 NOBILES N-Com 015 Matt Black Blue Yellow

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It is the new top-of-the-range X-lite top touring product, the result of a design approach that has been extensively renewed in order to offer the best possible synthesis of the Nolan and X-lite experiences. It is characterized by sporty-inspired design and rich technical features, some of which are absolutely innovative.Low volume (thanks to the availability of three outer shell sizes), cushion removal system in case of emergency (NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System), ultrawide visor, innovative visor mechanism with tilting function, exclusive system of magnetic visor assembly (MVA - Magnetic Visor Assembly), VPS sunscreen (adjustable in various positions), retention system with microlock micrometric double lever adjustment 2 or with double rings (Double D-Ring), depending on the product version, internal comfort padding Carbon Fitting Racing Experience (with innovative mesh construction), exclusive system for adjusting the position of the cap (LPC - Liner Positioning Control) and prepared for the new-generation N-Com communication system, they want to make the X-903 one of the most complete touring of reference for the most demanding motorcycle tourist.

Data sheet:

  • Full face helmet in cFibra tricomposita
  • 3 shell sizes to adapt to your morphology (2XS-XS-S, ML and XL-2XL-3XL)
  • NERS (Nolan Emergency Release System): in an emergency, the system allows the removal of foams for pillows, while the helmet is always worn by the pilot, simply by pulling on the red stripes provided for this purpose
  • Microlock quick release closure
  • LPC: LINER POSITIONING CONTROL (patent pending) This system makes it possible to adjust the position of the cufa which, given the samehelmet size, allows you to change the structure of the helmet on the head adapting it to different needs and anatomical conformations
  • PILLOWS WITH REMOVABLE UPHOLSTERY: To facilitate further washing, the cheek pads are equipped with internal foam foam padding that can be extracted from the fabric lining.
  • ARRANGEMENT N-COM: helmet is prepared and approved with the N-Com communication system installed.
  • COMPATIBILITY OF N-COM PRODUCTS: B901 X series - B601 X series
  • SUNSCREEN SCREEN (VPS) Printed in LEXAN ™ *,
  • COMFORT PADDING "CARBON FITTING RACING EXPERIENCE" WITH INNOVATIVE MESH CONSTRUCTION: The inner comfort padding is made with active carbon laments, thermoregulator, antistatic and dissipative element.The cufa, with an innovative mesh construction, facilitates the diffusion of air in the upper part of the head which, in this way, remains fresh and dry. The internal padding is also composed of side cheek pads (left and right) and trim strips, all completely removable and washable.
  • MVA - MAGNETIC VISOR ASSEMBLY (patent pending): This system, whose patent is currently being granted, allows an extremely fast visor assembly thanks to the presence of magnets both in the visor itself and in the relative mechanism.
  • EYEWEAR ADAPTIVE: System designed for the comfort of those who wear glasses.
  • ROTATIONAL IMPACT TEST: X-903 ULTRA CARBON has passed, in the Newton Srl laboratory, tests relating to rotational impacts to which competition helmets are used, among others, in MotoGP and SBK races. Newton Srlis an independent testing laboratory, recognized as suitable by the Italian Ministry of Transport for the approval of helmets and visors, in accordance with ECE / ONU 22-05.

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