Integral Motorcycle Helmet Nolan N60.6 GEMINI REPLICA 050 C. Stoner Glossy White

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It is the new full-face road helmet with a contemporary design and sporty inspiration. Its technical characteristics make it a helmet suitable for use in any environment, both on city streets and motorway sections.

Data sheet:

Material and Safety:

  • Shell: in Lexan polycarbonate, this resin is also distinguished by its thermal resistance. It also resists exposure to UV rays.
  • Retention system: Microlock 2 buckle closure system with 2 levers (1 in thermoplastic and 1 in aluminum) and allows to reduce the possibility of unintentional opening
  • HOMOLOGATION: Ece 22.06 Approved


  • Ultrawide visor: The large surface of the visor, scratch resistant (S / R - Scratch Resistant), makes it possible to have a better view, even from the side
  • Pinlock FBF Lens Included (excluding SPECIAL graphics): The pinlock lens can be adjusted from the outside of the screen, thanks to the movable pins, it isalso equipped with a silicone gasket to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • VPS Sunscreen: Double sunscreen with UV400 protection, anti-scratch and anti-fog, easy to disassemble, retractable automatically by the button


  • Inner comfort padding "clima confort" With ECO-FRIENDLY FABRICS (Made with fabrics based on the use of a 100% regenerated nylon yarn from post-consumer derivation.)
  • Adaptive Eyewear: Suitable for motorcyclists who wear eyeglasses
  • AirBooster Technology System: The exclusive "AirBooster Technology" upper ventilation system ensures optimal ventilation where the rider's head most needs: the air is, in fact, taken from the front air intakes and forced, without dispersion, into the areas more critical, in order to ensure maximum comfort even in extreme driving conditions.
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