Ixon IT-ASO EVO Smart Heated Motorcycle Gloves Black

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Brand: Ixon
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Ixon integrates Clim8 technology to give you the only smart, connected heated glove that knows WHEN and HOW to keep your hands warm - Equipped with a smart sensor, the heating system keeps your hands at a constant temperature in any outdoor condition.

Data sheet:


  • Made of goatskin renowned for its flexibility and resistance
  • Carré in neoprene and softshell on the back of the hand


  • Waterproof and breathable insert
  • Primaloft One® 170gr thermal lining

Heating system:

  • Clim8 intelligent heating technology
  • Sold with a pair of batteries
  • Sold with a charger Compatible with all optional accessories
  • To turn on the gloves: just put them on, a blue LED then indicates the activitysensor


  • Protective carbon shell on the back of the hand
  • Silicone reinforcements on the fingers
  • Palm slider in TPR
  • Hand edge reinforcement


  • Long extra wide cuff in neoprene and softshell
  • Internal rainproof cuff with drawstring
  • Elastic cuff with tightening tab
  • Index compatible with your touch screens
  • Rain squeegee on left hand
  • 3D thumb and fingers
  • Gussets on the fingers

Equipped with a smart thermal sensor, the heating system is activated by itself to keep you in your area offering "active" rather than passive insulation. Download the IXON app on your Smartphone, calibrate your heating product to your body temperature in real time via bluetooth.

  • Smart heating : In order to maximize comfort and performance, the products heat only when needed.
  • Bluetooth control: Thermal sensors adjust the temperature according to your needs, predefined on the mobile application. Thanks to a customized calibration, the heater adjusts the temperature of the glove according to its own criteria.
  • Hand cartography: The heating elements are placed on specific areas for an optimal warming sensation. The IT series gloves only heat in areas that are truly exposed to cold, with no unnecessary heating.