Knee brace Tryonic T6 Right White Black mechanism rototranslation

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The T6 knee brace is truly a unique product, developed and produced after two years of intensive research and field-tested devolving orthopedic and professional athletes.
Its uniqueness comes from the patented mechanism Tryonic SB1 aluminum which allows the tutor to follow exactly the natural movement of the knee ligament, the so-called movement rototranslation.
This technology, combined with the use of an ergonomic design and a lightweight and slightly flexible, makes the guardian T6 one of the best security products in the world.
The T6 was not only designed to protect the knee, but above all to provide the muscle structure around the knee the freedom to work and effectively support the ligaments, the best way to prevent injuries.The mechanism SB1 is made of forged aluminum and this is what makes the T6 extremely durable: tested and approved by athletes Tryonic under the most severe conditions.
Suitable for a wide variety of sports such as cycling, running, skiing and horseback riding, the T6 will offer the highest level of protection without restricting your freedom of movement.

Technical Data:

  • Neoprene exterior, frame polyurethane foam injected silicone gel
  • Protection frame with polyurethane foam, Mechanism of SB1 rototranslazione, Protection patella, adjustment screw against hyperextension
  • Composition 45% Polyamide 22% Polycarbonate Polyethylene 10% 8% 15% Synthetic rubber other
  • Fit fit comfort
  • Adaptability fully adjustable
  • Features Mechanism rototranslation SB1 (patented), includes under knit comfort, protection knee gel, removable, removable protection patella






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