Modular Motorcycle Helmet Caberg Model Modus CPL White

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Brand: Caberg
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The new flip-up helmet Modus, born from the experience of Caberg, the first Italian company to have produced flip up helmet, in designing helmets modular design and revolutionary functional characteristics. Modus is equipped with an innovative system of opening the chin guard which, thanks to a roto-translational movement, allows to obtain the opening position of the chin guard much closer to the cap than traditional helmets opens, thus reducing the sail effect and the risk of accidental closing of the chin guard. Thanks to this system of flip, Modus is equipped with dual P / J approval (approved both as jet as full-face helmet) that allows the rider to travel in complete safety and with closed chin guard but also with open chin guard.The Modus, as for Caberg tradition, it comes with integrated sun visor in the hood easy to maneuver that allows always to ride with the perfect light and with maximum safety. The inner sun visor is scratch-resistant and UV 400, while the clear as well as being scratch resistant is equipped with dual lens Pin Lock that ensures no fogging even in the most difficult conditions of temperature. Ventilation is provided by two large air intakes positioned at the top and on the chin that allow optimum ventilation inside. To facilitate the release of hot and stale air in the back there are two air extractors. The liner, completely removable and washable, is made from breathable materials and the fabrics are treated anti-bacterial and anti-odor Polygiene.The pillows interiors are made with 3D technology in the best way to wrap the face of the motorcyclist. The conformation of the padding favors the housing of the glasses. The reflective inserts, positioned on the neck roll, promote greater visibility of the motorcyclist at night, consequently, the active safety.
Modus is designed for the communication system Caberg Just Speak wireless that lets you communicate not only with your phone and your passenger, but also to connect to a satellite navigator and listen to music through an MP3 player. Just Speak is equipped with Bluetooth A2DP profile which allows you to listen in high quality stereo.

CPL (Caberg Pump Lining) is the code that identifies the control system for indoor air Caberg helmets.Through two keys located in the rear area and a valve system, it is possible to inflate and deflate the bearings positioned inside the pillows and the neck roll making the helmet perfect at every appearance of the face, and for any type of use,
less narrow paths at low speed, more closely at high speeds.
Caberg equips its models that open and Modus Duke, being the most widely used type of helmets by motorcyclists touring they do, they are in the saddle many hours in conditions that are always different and that thanks to this system can have their own custom Caberg which guarantees a perfect adherence of the face and neck and a strong decrease in interior noise.
The CPL system also guarantees excellent fit in time compensating for the inevitable reduction of the thickness of the interior of traditional helmets with each passing month.

Fact Sheet:

  • Outer shell: Thermoplastic material with high impact resistance.
  • Ventilation: Ventilation system with front visor anti-fog ventilation than with rear air extractors
  • Lining: Completely removable and washable, breathable fabrics in anti-bacterial and anti-odor treated Polygiene.
  • Pillows double density with 3D technology.
  • Visors: Double Visor Tech
  • Anti-scratch transparent outer visor with Pin Lock standard with silicone profile
  • Inner sun visor anti-scratch and UV 400
  • Retention system: buckle with micrometric adjustment
  • Weight:1700 + / - 50 gr


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