Modular Motorcycle Helmet Vemar SHARKI S011 CUTTER NUDE Black Silver

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Brand: Vemar
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The top among VEMAR flip on range of helmets. A truly modular helmet, extremely versatile, built to think of those who want the safety features of a full-face helmet, but with the ability to move for the comfort of an open face. The easily removable protective chin guard can be replaced by plates to cover the lifting mechanisms, and a complete visor completes the transformation of a flip-up helmet into a real open face. Wide field of vision, for unlimited vertical and peripheral vision and a visor prepared for fit that Pinlock MaxVision® lenses, particularly comfortable fit, with sunshade descent that completely covers the field of vision and Vemar Klima System (VKS), an efficient system for exhausting air warm inside the helmet. In addition to the internal housings, a practical slot on the helmet shell allows fir any type of communication system.

Data sheet:

  • Material:thermo-polymer
  • Internal solar visor
  • Visor locking system
  • Max vision anti-scratch visor predisposed for Pinlock (not included)
  • Locking pin for chin guard in high position
  • Multiple aerations
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Closure of the micrometric helmet
  • Bluetooth ready to install a communication system
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