Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Origin DELTA BT Spike Yellow Fluo Matt Black

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Blinc A2 integrated in the helmet guarantees excellent audio quality and comfort: you can talk to your passenger or another motorcyclist (equipped with the usual helmet or a helmet with the Blinc BL100i module), manage your smartphone (supports voice commands), listen to music with the MP3 player or receive directions from the satellite navigator.
The module is equipped with a digital background noise reduction system that drastically reduces interference (wind, background noise, engine).It can be used in conjunction with the external handlebar remote control

Data sheet:

  • Outer shell in thermoplastic resin
  • integrated bluetooth
  • removable and washable hypoallergenic interior
  • micormetric restraint system
  • retractable sun visor
  • anti UV paint
  • Weight 1450g - + 50g
  • ece22-05 approval


IS'a bluetooth communication system directly integrated into the helmet and at the same time guarantees comfort and excellent audio quality. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, I could talk to your passenger and another motorcyclist through the intercom function, manage your mobile phone and incoming calls, listen to music with the MP3 player (or directly from your mobile phone) or receive travel information. from the satellite navigator.
the Delta helmet is equipped with the BL A2 System.
Bluetooth BL-A2 Data Sheet:

  • you can pair it with your mobile
  • possibilitypairing with another bluetooth device or mobile phone
  • Intercom
  • Music
  • voice battery level indicator
  • rechargeable with the supplied USB cable
  • charging time:3 hours
  • lithium battery
  • Wind noise reducer
  • wide spectrum of volume control
  • voice commands for smartphones
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