Moto Cross Boots Child Tcx Comp Kid White

Code: 9103/BIAN
Brand: Tcx
Division: cross enduro
brands: child
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Technical detail:

  • Upper: leather
  • Lining: Air Tech material
  • Protections: polyurethane shin and ankle
  • levers: 3 levers polyurethane
  • Sole: injected in 3 colors, wear-resistant
  • CE Certificate

Novation Spa is the first manufacturer to introduce in the market boots for motorcyclists certified professionals according to CE standards. All products bearing the CE marking are considered personal protective equipment for motorcyclists.The CE certification is issued by an accredited laboratory only after passing stringent endurance tests carried out on products to ensure the highest standards of consumer protection. The tests performed: absorption of energy from impact of the tibia and the malleoli, tests of resistance to cutting of the upper, tests of abrasion resistance of the sole, stiffness cross the shoe bottom (crushing), tests of resistance to abrasion of the upper

  • More Safety
  • The safety, already certified according to the current standards of the European Community following numerous resistance tests carried out on the boot, is further increased thanks to the presence of a lateral support polyurethane connected between the TCS and the MCSthat protects the entire area outside of the foot from possible injuries in case of falls or impacts.
  • More Feeling
  • Both security systems TCS and MCS have been redesigned with the objective to minimize the overall dimensions of the plastics so as to obtain a structure of ergonomic shape and, in particular in the inner part of the boot, a surface with no protrusions to ensure maximum grip on the frame of the bike. Even the sole, constructed in triple injection and equipped with areas of differentiated grip, offers maximum sensitivity in driving phase.
  • More comfort
  • The comfortable fit is enhanced by the inclusion of a new shaped padding in different thicknesses made of foam rubber. It is a newly developed material, water-repellent and able to keep unchanged in time its own elasticity'' the'' original shape, thus allowing the foot to always find the prefect winding even in case of prolonged use. The new form of assembly, more enveloping, and the upper soft microfiber contribute to increasing the degree of comfort of the boot.
  • More Lightness
  • The total weight of the boot is diminished thanks to careful design of new systems TCS and MCS whose structure shows a reduced thickness and a smaller footprint.S-race with its 1860 gr total weight, now stands among the most technical boots'' light''available in the market
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