Moto Cross Enduro Helmet AGV AX-8 Evo Mono White

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Brand: Agv
Division: cross enduro
brands: man
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• New interior with increased thickness for improved comfort and greater stability when using competitive;
• New shape of the shell in the chin area which, combined with a wider and softer base edge of the
previous, decreases the interference with any collar used and reduces the risk of trauma
impact thanks to the "shock-absorber".
The AX-8 EVO is the new top of the range designed for use in fiber cross professional, born on the basis of the AX-8 and
further refined in collaboration with AGV riders Championship Cross, Enduro and Supermotard European
like David Philippaerts, Deny Philippaerts, Gautier Paulin, Dawid Ciucci, Davide Gozzini, Maurizio Magherini, Andrea
Cervellin and SuperCross American as Travis Pastrana and Davi Millsaps. The AGV AX-8 EVO says in the world of
cross racing thanks to a highly original product design and specifications of the first level.
The design is pure AGV style with a family feeling important in terms of design outlets front and rear extractors,
that recall both those in the road range than those of the MT-X. The helmet differs a lot from the other proposals
on the market today thanks to the chin guard from the immediate aesthetic impact characterized by a large grid
steel to protect the front air intake very aggressive, element that allows the AX-8 EVO to be always
recognizable even during races regardless of the graphics and the helmet itself or the condition of the race
The AX-8 EVO is available in 3 outer shell sizes with sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL.The cap has stratifies SSL
made in Carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass to reduce the weight of the helmet and ensure maximum safety.
The integrated IVS ventilation system consists of channels formed directly in the outer shell that ensure
a more effective airflow inside the helmet and better aerodynamic performance. The air intakes on the present
Opposite, on the visor edge and on the chin guard permit constant flow of fresh air inside the helmet. The
rear extractors, through the channels in the EPS, eliminate the warm moist air from inside the helmet.
The interior with hygienic treatment and made breathable Dri-Lex ®, are completely removable and washable,
including covers of the strap, so as to always allow a perfect hygiene of a helmet which, by nature, is
subjected to extreme use. For the same reason, the visor area are used for the plastic covers
soft that, unlike fabrics, do not soak and are easily washable with the help of a sponge or a
toothbrush. The interior of the visor opening area has been studied for a perfect fit even with sunglasses Cross.
Than those supplied with the previous version, the interior of the AX-8 Evo have increased thickness for a
improved comfort and greater stability when using racing.
The new cut of the shell in the chin area, combined with a wider base and soft edge of the previous,
decreases the interference with any collar used and reduces the risk of trauma from impact thanks to the function
"Shock-absorber". The air intake snout is easily removable without tools and has dimensions designed to have a
excellent airflow and a complete chin protection (in other helmets chin protrudes from the shape of the pilot
the helmet due to the reduced height of the chin). Despite the big opening perceptible through the form
the outer retina, under the same there is a sturdy structure in fiber that creates the best compromise between flow
air and mechanical resistance.The air intake snout of the AX-8 EVO is interchangeable with the AX-8 and AX-8 Dual
EVO. The canopy with outer screws in aluminum is easily adjustable thanks to the central plastic screw beneath the roof. The
retention system has the double ring closure with DD.
The weight of the helmet is just 1,150 g (+ / - 50 g.) In size M.
Fact Sheet:

  • Outer shell in 3 sizes with SSL layering (Fibreglass, Kevlar, Carbon)
  • Edge base in the chin with the function of shock-absorbe
  • Ventilation IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with wide channels hollowed directly in the calottaper a more effective airflow inside the helmet and better aerodynamic performance
  • 5 jacks'air front, 2 side and 2 rear vents on the chin
  • Air intake grille in front with steel easily removable, replaceable without attrezzie interchangeable with the AX-8 and AX-8 Dual Dual/AX-8 Ages
  • Interior fully removable and washable (including the patella strap) with pillows studiatiper use glasses with cross
  • Fabrics with hygienic treatment Dri-Lex ®.The fixed part of the cheek pads is ricopertain easily washable soft plastic material
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Retention system with strap Double D
  • Sizes: XXS-XXXL
  • Weight: E2205: 1.150 g + / - 50 g. (Tg. M)
  • DOT/E2205 - AS-NZS: 1,340 g. + / - 50g.


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