Moto Cross Enduro Helmet Terminator 2.1 NET WHITE GLOSS

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Brand: Airoh
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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The Terminator is an off-road helmet whose characteristics have been studied and attention to detail to achieve the ultimate in safety, comfort and aesthetics. The outer shell has been realized in two steps and consists of composite carbon fiber and Kevlar laminated with the multi axial.
The internal structure of the shell is anatomical and the weight of the helmet Airoh Terminator, thanks to the materials used, is of just 1050 grams.
The retention system of the helmet with double ring strap made of aluminum and can be quickly loosened pulling the red ribbon.
The internal tissues of mesh inserts have highly breathable and their thickness varies depending on the size.Being removable, they can be easily washed and sanitized with Sanitized treatment.
The helmet is equipped with a ventilation system with air intakes in the front area and the chin guard and a network of protection to prevent the entry of insects or small stones, which is also removable and washable.
There is also a protection for the nose rubber and the front bezel is adjustable.
The product was tested in a wind tunnel.
For maximum safety, the pillows are equipped with the Emergency Fast Remove Airoh, which allow the quick release when needed.
In case of accident fact the pillows can be extracted avoiding risky movements.

Technical detail:

  • Outer shell made from composite fibers of carbon and Kevlar laminated
  • The internal shell anatomy
  • Double-D ring aluminum for maximum security
  • Internal tissues with highly breathable inserts
  • Air vents in the front of the chin guard with safety net
  • Interior removable and washable
  • Padding igenizzate with Sanitized treatment
  • Covering your nose and front adjustable
  • Weight: 1050 grams

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