Moto Givi Monokey top box V40NT With System 40 Liters Tech

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Brand: Givi
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Moto Givi top box

Data sheet:

  • maximum volume 40 Lt
  • Maximum weight 10 Kg
  • Size 440 * 340 * 530
  • Capacity: 1 full-face helmet
  • Locking system "Security Lock"

Monokey® is the historic system patented by GIVI whose main feature is the abilityto operate with a single key is the opening of the motion of the trunk lid (or scooter, be it small or medium cylinder capacity) that the release of the suitcase from its mounting plate.
The extreme comfort and ease of use is just one of the features that have helped make the hooking system for rigid suitcases and trunks more widespread in the motorcycle world. Thanks to it all the suitcases and the plates of Monokey® range combine the best mechanical properties relating to strength and stiffness of engagement to the qualities of compactness and light weight of the components used.
The uniform distribution of the load on the entire plane of the support plate is also ensured by three fixing points, arranged so as to obtain a high contact surface of the bike or scooter.The damping of oscillations and vibrations and integral with the contact between the bottom of the suitcase and the plate are instead entrusted to four spacers made with elastic material particularly resistant to weathering and to temperature variations. These solutions have allowed GIVI to achieve a high standard of reliability of latch, constant in time and able to withstand the stresses more marked related to the road surface and the driving environment.