Moto jacket jacket Sheild 928 Man Black Yellow Fluo 3 Layers 4 Seasons

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Moto jacket fabric 3 layers Thanks to its two-coat system with modular parallel hinges can be "transformed" according to the real needs of momento.stagione winter weather can be used by applying both the thermal liner antifreddo the membrane waterproof and windproof so to protect themselves from freezing temperatures and rain.

Thanks to the combination of the two linings removable, can be a valuable help for all seasons, in winter as in summer, becoming a perfect jacket for all weather conditions dating! Thanks to its two internal removable padding, can be easily transformed from summer to Winter in just 2 minutes.
In the winter season can be used by applying both liner antifreddo the membrane waterproof and windproof to protect themselves from the cold and the rain.
In the summer season can be used by removing both windproof and waterproof applications and opening the appropriate vents (protected by hinges taped) becomes a comfortable ventilated jacket that still provides protection and security.
In autumn and spring it can be used by adopting one of the two inner liners based on the climatic situation.

  • Winter season : I use two liners (quilted thermal inner jacket and lining waterproof, windproof)
  • Spring season : Use of a single lining (lining waterproof, windproof)
  • Summer season : Use of the jacket without any lining and estrauendo the side, the jacket isIt equipped with inserts perforated fabrics
  • Fall season : Use of a single lining (lining waterproof, windproof)


Technical data sheet:

  • Main material: woven MAXDURA 600D 100% polyester coated anti-wind
  • Reflecting inserts: fabric REFLEX high visibility
  • Lining waterproof, breathable 100% polyester bonded with membrane 100% polyurethane. The liner allows the wearer of the jacket to be protected from water.
  • Removable insulating liner: outer fabric 100% polyester
  • Central hinge: nylon coil YKK
  • Ergonomic cut pre-molded to use motorcycle
  • Double front closure garantissi a perfect microclimate inside
  • External seams with "SAFETY-SEAM-SYSTEM", to increase abrasion resistance in case of fall
  • Stitching lining waterproof / breathable thermo-taped, providing excellent sealing head
  • Closing neck with Velcro and velvet Imnbottitura
  • On the air outlets AIR STREAM On Chest with zippers taped
  • Wrist closure with zippers and snaps
  • Waist regulation with straps and velcro
  • Comfortable interior and exterior pockets with zippers
  • Approved removable protectors on shoulders and elbows
  • Support Semi Rigid back



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