Moto mask Baruffaldi Matyz hydrophobic Smoking antifog hydrophobic and patented slot

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Brand: Baruffaldi
Division: custom - road
brands: unisex
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Convenient mask technique and wide with special slot and patented the sides that facilitates the exchange of the lens. The mask polycarbonate and antifog (one side only) is coupled with foam (EVA) soft and durable. Adjustable band that can also wear balaclava, multipurpose and multisport. Variant salable with smoke mirrored lens with anti-fog treatment and hydrophobic (repellel'acqua) from the outside.

Data Sheet:

  • Materials: polycarbonate mask and foam (EVA).
  • Lenses: smoke mirrored lens hydrophobic and neutral mirrored antifog lenses included in the package
  • Parts: available spare parts related to eyewear
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