Moto trousers In Judges Fabric Technician Three Layers-Summer Winter Rain

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Circles of Comfortable and hot pants do not make you suffer the excruciating cold of winter, but nonetheless provides you security and protection even during the most Myths? The new trousers thanks to removable inserts guarantee full breathability and freshness, the realization of tear high tenacity, removable protections at the knees and removable padded inserts on guarantees lightness and also at the same time safety and security. The pants Winter is equipped with 2 internal padding (The first rain and the second anti-cold) removable to guarantee their use throughout the year.

Here's How You Use The new Judges Pantalone:



  • colder winter season , Leaving both inserted padding, both the antifreddo padding that menbrana rain, the Winter trousers will ensure a truly optimum internal microclimate even at low temperatures
  • S fee plantation autumn , canIt is used inserted leaving one of the two inner liners according to the temperature
  • Summer season Removing both liners turns into a comfortable training pant fabric with protections.



Data sheet :

  • abrasion on his knee inserts
  • Reflective material inserts
  • Elastic waist and adjustable closure provide an excellent comfort
  • 2 outside pockets with zipper closure
  • doppiachiusura system at the waist with buttons and zipper
  • Removable protectors on knees
  • removable padded inserts at the hips
  • Settings at the ankle zipper
  • Rear zipper to attach them to the vest

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