Motorbike Racing Gloves Leather S-tech 001 Blacks With Protections

Code: BP001NE
Brand: S-Tech
Division: road
brands: unisex
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A sports glove entry-level, light and of excellent quality for the rider who wants a solid protection of the knuckles and reinforcements on strategic areas for unparalleled security. The graphics in relief, the cuff stretched and curved fingers, making this glove the undisputed champion in its class.


Technical data sheet:

  • Racing glove in soft cowhide
  • external protection on the knuckles and shock absorber
  • Lining with an anti-shock gradual release
  • Leather reinforcements on areas of maximum wear of the palm
  • An anti-shock protection scaphoid gradual release
  • External seams
  • Protectors on the fingers Carbon
  • Racing buckle with velcro

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