Motorcycle Boots Technique Tourism Tcx X-Five Blacks Waterproof

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Motorcycle Boots Tourism TXC X-Five

Technical detail:

  • Upper: full-grain leather
  • Protections: ANTI IMPACT malleolus, shift pad, shin protection and buttress reinforced
  • Insole: Anatomic, removable
  • Sole: touring with specific grip area
  • Novation Spa is the first manufacturer to have introduced in the market boots for motorcyclists certified professionals according to CE standards. All products bearing the CE marking are considered personal protective equipment for motorcyclists.The CE certification is issued by an accredited laboratory only after passing stringent stress tests carried out on products to ensure the highest standards of consumer protection.
  • Tests: Energy absorption of impact on the shin and ankle, testing shear strength of the upper, the sole test of abrasion resistance, stiffness cross the bottom of the shoe (crushing), test of resistance to abrasion of the upper
  • Comfort Fit System
  • The construction system CFS has always been one of the strong points of touring products, developed thanks to the know-how acquired over the years by TCX.This particular technique, almost entirely manual, provides for the installation of the boot on a form'''' that faithfully reproduces the anatomy of the foot, thus giving the product a high degree of comfort ideal for extended use and in all different situations .
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