Motorcycle Gloves Racing Spyke Leather Racer RS ​​Black White Red

Code: SPRAC-10201
Brand: Spyke
Division: road
brands: unisex
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list price: € 160.00
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Brand new gloves Spyke, Top of the range, the super sports.

Data sheet:

  • Pretezioni knuckles, phalanges and palm external shock TPU material
  • Double protection in TPU materiae on the thumb
  • Double inTPU and PU protection on external pinky
  • Sleeve with TPU protection mounted on a double layer of skin with extra bearing PU
  • Padding in EVA and PU of phalanges, thumb and ring finger
  • Double layer of leather on the palm, little finger and the top of the fingers.
  • Safety connector between little finger and ring finger
  • Knuckles mounted on mobile support, to improve ergonomics.
  • Back cushion with PU shock
  • Tighten the wrist strap protected by leather flap.
  • Palm reinforcement microfiber multi-grip.
  • Base of the fingers in tex strong for comfort and traspiralità

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