Motorcycle helmet Jet Nolan N32 Genesis Avenue NCOM Silver

Code: n32Sil
Brand: Nolan
Division: road
brands: unisex
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list price: € 211.00
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Helmet Nolan N32 version N-COM Avenue, color Platinum Silver (metallic silver). This demi-jet helmet is made of polycarbonate, it is characterized by the new hood design with integrated mini spoiler and is part of the new family of helmets Nolan NCOM, prepared for housing Bluetooth system (separate accessory). This version has the fully removable interior and the "Climate Comfort" which integrates the neck roll, blue-tinted visor (removable without tools) and large front air intake. The new VPS system provides a second dark visor, applicable to chosen and supplied in the package, which can protect your eyes from the sun when lowered. A generous intake \ 'front air ensures a large indoor ventilation, also supported by a rear diffuser.On the cap, the preparation for the \ 'implementation of Bluetooth system, is in a side door and once applied will communicate with enabled mobile phones, multimedia devices and so on.


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