Motorcycle Leather Jacket Dainese Avro D1 Lady Black / Red / White

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Leather motorcycle jacket Dainese AVRO D1 LEATHER. For lovers of the superbike, the Avro D1 port road experience of the track due to protections and materials at the top.

Avro D1 leather jacket is the latest evolution of the outstanding series Dainese Avro. Dedicated to racing enthusiasts, this jacket, not only adheres to the highest security standards such as CE certification Cat. II, but it is also packed with fine cowhide Tutu, bi S1 stretch fabric and lining Nanofeel® treated with ions 'silver. The perfect combination of these materials coupled with patented technology Microelastic give the garment a comfort and an unmatched fit. Air vents on the sides, and removable thermal lining inside allow perfect temperature regulation to better face any weather.Safety is instead entrusted to the protection thermoformed with aluminum insert on the shoulders, the composite protection on the elbows and back protector pocket of class G and chest protector.

Technical data sheet:

  • Cowhide Tutu
  • Way stretch fabric S1
  • Co-injected shoulder with aluminum insert

The co-injected shoulder with metal insert is one of the most revolutionary solutions that equip leaders Dainese.The usual removable composite protection is replaced by an injection of plastic material on a lattice externally coated with polyurethane, on which is fastened the metal plate. It allows the protection, certified according to EN 1621.1, to maintain at all times the correct position on the shoulder, and at the same time a smaller footprint for the benefit of comfort for the rider.

  • Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1

The composite protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees, certified according to EN 1621.1, offer a high standard of protection due to their special construction.A hard outer shell in plastic material, on the entire protector distributes the energy generated by the impact zone, by means of a reticular structure patented, able to distribute and absorb the shock of a broad surface, with a thickness and a lower weight. The interior of the protective polyethylene foam, very high density, has high deformability and a high memory, which adapt to the shapes of the body, allows a better comfort, favored also by the external structure perforated, which facilitates the transpiration.

  • Jacket-pants

Free, zipped, the jacket and trousers, to the advantage of safety and comfort, thanks to the elimination of air infiltration and maintain the correct position of the garments to the body in every situazione.Dallo study of ergonomics comes this new patent Dainese , thought to further increase the driving comfort and at the same time manterene a high level of safety. The coupling of an insert made of elastic below the panel allows the skin micro-elastic zones located where the body needs more mobility, and at the same time provides increased abrasion resistance area.This is obtained thanks to the reduction in the number of panels and seams that unite them, as well as to the possibility of maintaining a higher thickness of the panel compared to traditional elastic inserts.

  • Air vents on the sides
  • The vents on the sides allow to dissipate the heat produced by the body during exercise in the hottest periods of the year.
  • Removable thermal lining
  • Lining brand Nanofeel® with silver ion treatment
  • Innovative lining polyester thread bacteriostatic, developed thanks to nanotechnology studies.The treatment of the nano particles with silver ions enables a greater efficiency in terms of antibacterial property, odor, of duration and resistance to washing, in that the silver particles are within the fiber itself, and not only shows externally , as in the wires bacteriostatic traditional.
  • Soft inserts

Distributed in different areas of the body, mainly on hips, collarbones, chest and kidneys help to increase comfort and prevent minor injuries.

  • Reflecting inserts
  • 2 inside pockets
  • 1 pocket on thermal lining
  • 2 Front pockets
  • Jacket certified CE - Cat.II - Directive 89/686 / EEC
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