Motorcycle Pants Fabric Rev'it Factor 2 Lady Black Stretched

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Brand: Rev'it
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Motorcycle Pants Fabric Rev'it Factor 2 Lady


Technical Data:

  • PWR outer fabric 500D - This new material is the version of REV'IT! of Cordura®. Format 100% polyamide yarns, PWR shell makes her the best properties of Cordura® (high melting point, tremendous tear- and all'abraisone and excellent longevity) and combines unique design of REV'IT! . PWR fabric provides high-performance protection for any biker.
  • Lorica® - consisting of microfibers that give the material the characteristics of natural leather, by including also the appearance. This material is not resistant to low maintenance as the skin but softer and lighter and with a constant thickness which makes it easy to work.
  • PWR 500D stretch fabric - PWR This fabric comes in a variant elastic, providing maximum support for the body in race conditions.
  • Dynax 1500D - Made up of a mix of high performance yarns and with a particular look, Dynax has a high melting point, a tremendous Resistenz tear and abrasion, and provides superior protection in any type of rider. The version 1500D offers greater resistance to tearing.
  • PWR waxed 500D - This PWR shell material has a wax coating for a matte look vaguely.
  • Removable thermal lining
  • Waterproofing and breathability
  • Hydratex® G-liner - This waterproof coating is applied to the inside of the inner lining of the garment, and the points are taped to ensure that the head is waterproof. The coating REV'IT! Hydratex® G-liner is used in the manufacture of products which require a basic level of protection all-season.
  • Coated reflectors - reflectors panels ensure excellent visibility from all angles, allowing the wearer to be vistoda all directions. To offer a more sophisticated look, the reflector panels are welded onto the fabric. This welding process eliminates the stitch points, keeping the garment safer.
  • Protections Knox® Lite ladies CE - The internal protection CE approved Knox Lite Women are smaller, lighter and thinner, and for this reason they are suitable for the riders and the passionate winter sports. Made with flexible polyurethane, guards Knox® Lite Women are produced with a three-dimensional shape and are very soft and flexible.The smooth finish of these protections thin and light makes them an excellent choice for heads where the protections should remain invisible and not noticed by the wearer.
  • The protections Knox® Lite give the rider the flexibility and total freedom of movement, with two hinge points and 12 holes for breathability. The inside is soft and smooth to give additional comfort, while at the same time they offer excellent protection. EVA foam - one of the materials popularly known as expanded rubber ° ° o ° ° sponge rubber. EVA is used as a shock absorber in many products REV'IT !.
  • Vestibilià touring, cutting normal
  • Tab regolazioone
  • Adjustment straps
  • Hinges calf XL
  • Short connection zipper
  • Pockets adjustable protections - In this type of pocket protection can be adjusted in different positions, with the aim to adapt the garment to fit every rider. This results in a personalized fit and better comfort.
  • Pockets slit
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