Scooter and Motorbike Seat Covers

Motorbike and Scooter Seat Covers

Among the motorbike accessories that should be included in a biker’s collection of necessary equipment, don’t forget motorbike and scooter seat covers. They will protect your saddle from the sun and all weather conditions that might spoil the material from which your saddle is made.

Our seat covers for motorbike and scooters on sale online have been created with the dual purpose of protection from the sun as well from rain thanks to efficient water-proofing that will ensure your motorbike trousers do not get damp, particularly those made from fabrics that are susceptible to the problems caused by heavy rain.

Our motorbike and scooter seat covers are made from long-lasting materials such as stretch polyester that ensures total protection from the sun and all other weather conditions. The covers have been designed to be easy and practical to use, with elastic edges that ensure they are easy to put on and stay fixed in position.

Highly convenient for all occasions, seat covers for motorcycles and scooters are very useful items to have during your outings, because unlike the more bulky (more protective of course) whole bike covers, they can be placed under the saddle of any two wheeled vehicle, thanks to this compartment that many bikes have.

The seat covers for motorcycles and scooters that you will see on offer in our generous catalogue are of varying sizes and are suitable for either small scooters or larger ones. Sizes range from the smaller 55 x 67cm to the larger covers ideal to protect the large saddles under which you can store your motorcycle helmet.

Visit our online store to find the seat cover for motorbikes or scooters that best suit your needs; we have a large range of special offers at factory prices.