Motorbike Side Bags

Side Bags for Motorcycles

When you make a journey on a bike, especially if it involves long distances on our favourite two-wheeled mode of transport, you should make sure you are well equipped and that the weight is distributed evenly. Using convenient motorcycle saddle or side bags is an ideal way to carry all the clothes items you need and keep your bike well balanced.

In our online catalogue you will find a wide choice of side bags and motorcycle saddlebags at factory outlet prices. These are items that enable you to exploit the space you have at your disposal in the best way possible.

There are two types of side bags in our soft hard and soft. The hard bags are available in different sizes and are made either of resin, hard plastic or metal and they all guarantee total safety with their lock and key system. The soft bags are easier and more practical to carry around and like the Rescue models can be used as a practical trolley once taken off.

Since they can be closed and locked by key, motorbike side bags make a perfect place to store your valuables as well as items of clothing like our various models of leather or fabric motorcycle trousers. Once you have finished your ride, they can be conveniently stored in the generous space available.

Side bags for motorcycles are a handy alternative to the classic rear top case that is typically used for trips around the city and all the models are compatible with various types of motorcycles, making it easy for you to ride in style and comfort. Only the latest generation of quality materials are used to produce the side and saddle bags, which are equipped with fire-retardant bottoms that reduce the heat from the engine.

In our store you will find custom-made models made from a hardened leather exterior with reinforced interiors in addition to extendable models produced using anti UV materials, such as motorbike side bags made from fabric and equipped with adjustable velcro closures as well as compact and robust PVC models.

Don’t hesitate to browse in our online store to view the wide range of side and saddle bags on sale; choose the best option for you from among the numerous offers at factory prices.