Pair of Motorcycle Arrows 3in1 Approved Barracuda S-LED 3 B-Lux Green

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Brand: Barracuda
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Variants Colore

S-LED 3 B-LUX are direction indicators that also feature the STOP and POSITION function.

They are Universal Approved made of billet aluminum, using the latest generation LED technology with optical lens.
Characterized by fluid aerodynamic lines, a retro-classic style and small dimensions.

Data sheet:

  • Aluminum material
  • Sold in pairs
  • Compatibility: Universal, on all motorcycles
  • Functions: direction indicator, position light, stop light
  • Length: 55mm
  • Width: 43 mm
  • Height: 16 mm
  • COLOR: Green

For a complete installation it isrecommended the purchase of:

  • Arrow adapters : necessary for installation on the bike frame, different according to the brand of the bike
  • Cable adapters : necessary for connecting the arrows to the bike system without having to make changes to the original cables or connectors of the bike, divided by brand
  • Resistances: If the motorcycle does not have a LED system as standard, the resistances are necessary based on the type of system 10w or 21w . If the motorcycle is fitted with standard LED indicators, it is not necessary to install the resistors.


Technical specifications
  • Reparto road
  • Colore Green