Pair of Side Cases Monokey Cam-Side Givi TREKKER OUTBACK 37 Lt. OBKN37 Aluminum

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Brand: Givi
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Pair of Side Cases Monokey Cam-Side Givi TREKKER OUTBACK 37 Lt. OBKN37 Aluminum

Pair of side cases Trekker Outback Black Line in black painted aluminum, 37 lt., With the same key and third cylinder to be mounted on any Top Case

Equipped with the MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE coupling system, die-cast aluminum coupling mechanism and reinforced technopolymer inserts.

Compatible with PL_ _ _CAM, PLR_ _ _CAM.

Data sheet:

  • Aluminum structure 1.5 mm thick molded under pressure
  • Glass fiber, reinforced polymeric techno
  • Aluminum locking system
  • 4 anchor points
  • Antivibration rubber dampers
  • Single Suitcase Dimensions: H 38.7 cm x L 49.5 cm x D 24.6 cm
  • Single Suitcase Capacity: 37 Liters
  • Security Lock closing
  • Max weight: 10 kg per suitcase
  • Sold with the same key and a third cylinder to be mounted on a possible Top Case (trunk)
  • Fully removable flat lid
  • One button to open / close the case and lock / unlock it from its holder with the new CAM-SIDE Monokey system.


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