Satchel Motorcycle Top Case Kappa KGR52 52 Litres Black Aluminium

Code: KGR52
Brand: Kappa
Division: road - custom
brands: unisex
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Suitcase Kappa Monokey 33 model

Datasheet: Garda

  • The ideal solution for the bikes equipped with exhaust pipes only on one side
  • Buy affixing the smaller bag to the side where there is the muffler and the large on the other hand, in many cases you can solve the problem of the asymmetry that would be obtained with traditional side bags
  • Embellished by a fine foil anodized real aluminum, these bags are particularly suitable not only for enduro road, but for the most stylish motorcycles do.
  • Ideal configuration Top Case that coupled (and 'available in sets of 2) as side bag.
  • The user of this article is in fact very demanding: choose accessories based on the build quality but at the same time pointing to solutions with the design that best complement the line of the Maxi Enduro more famous.
  • Dimensions (lph) 60 x 45 x 31 cm. 52 liters capacity
  • Top of the range of suitcases Kappa
  • Aluminium Black color.
  • Can be used as a top case that as a side
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