Shad SH35 Aluminum Side Bags

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Shad SH35 Aluminum Side Bags.

The aluminum coated SH 35 side cases are aerodynamic, rigid and light. They accommodate a Jet helmet or a full face helmet, have a higher load capacity than most aluminum cases.

Data sheet:

  • They are made of 0.8mm aluminum. thick and reinforced polypropylene, and its structural frame guarantees high rigidity and resistance with a minimum weight, which in turn guarantees watertightness
  • SH35 is the perfect combination for the SH59X expandable top case
  • Aerodynamic design that increases the safety and stability of the motorcycle.
  • Innovative shapes that create trends in the market.
  • Internal tray that helps hold the load.
  • Capacity of a midsize helmet.Being a bit smaller than SHAD's other side case model, the SH36 Carbon, there is no absolute certainty that all helmets will fit.
  • Structural frame that offers better grip, rigidity and lightness.
  • It incorporates an additional cylinder as standard, in case you want to use a single key to open the three cases (side and rear).
  • It has internal limitation strips which ensure that the internal load does not shift
  • The safety provided by the handle locking system allows for double locking; On the one hand, it fastens the suitcase to the motorcycle and, on the other hand, closes the trunk itself.
  • It has a handle so that, once removed, transporting the suitcase is easy and simple.
  • Like all SHAD motorcycle cases, it can be opened and closed with one hand, without using the key to open it. We will only use it when we want to lock it on the bike.
  • It includes a strap and a handle to facilitate transport, so the inner bag makes it easy to transport objects without having to remove the suitcase.
  • Together with these new and advanced cases we have developed a new fixing system unique on the market: the "3P SYSTEM".Patented by SHAD and characterized by its integrated and lightweight design, it has been developed giving priority not only to aesthetics, but taking into account safety
  • Integrated design: the fixing is much more integrated into the bike The typical rectangular frame disappears and is reduced to a single horizontal “L” arm on which the three fixing points (3P) of the suitcase rest, hiding the hardware once the suitcases have been removed.
  • Position: both the volumes of the suitcase and the inclination of the 3P fastening system have been designed to shift the weight of the set as much as possible towards the center of gravity of the motorcycle. This gives you more safety and stability when driving under load. Anchor Flexibility: 3-point anchor provides security and flexibility.This is reflected in a slight swing of the suitcase. This oscillation allows air to circulate around it, avoiding the "anchoring" effect of a flatter and more rigid suitcase. Again, this results in greater safety and stability in motion.
  • As an essential accessory there is the possibility of incorporating inner bags (X0IB36), which adapt perfectly to the side cases.They feature an exterior zip pocket for accessibilitydirect of the gloves and are reinforced with internal foam to protect the contents from any pressure zipper with handles for use with gloves