Shoes Moto Techniques Blauer HT01 Blue Yellow

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Brand: Blauer
Division: road
brands: unisex
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The Sneaker HT 01 is considered a sneaker with derivation from the technical segment of protective footwear for motorcyclists, they not surprisingly are inserted technical solutions scaled to render a sneaker high-end technique, all without neglecting those that are the anatomical requirements of comfort once worn.
Sole from running design made of foamed TPU resistant to hydrocarbons with a particular of the compounds of injection system:

  • excellent Reactivity
  • TPU Low Density / Low Density TPU
  • Resistance to bending
  • resistance to low temperatures - 30 ° C
  • infinite without collapsing memory
  • 100% ricilabile material
  • Rubber effect


  • upper fabric 100% PL (polyester)
  • Lining 100% PES (polyester)
  • Carryover microfiber: PL / PU coating support
  • TPU outsole

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