Socks Ghost Moto and Technical Bikes Sixs Fant S Blue Black

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Brand: Sixs
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The SIXS compression short sock reduces swelling and fatigue in the legs, using the particular variable density weave that compresses the muscles in the right places, promoting blood circulation and therefore tissue oxygenation. Particularly suitable also in the winter months: thanks to its ability to stimulate circulation, it reduces the sensation of cold in the feet, always guaranteeing constant thermoregulation. Fabrics and FEATURES specifically designed to make these products the best on the market: seamless design, no stitches pressure; moreover, the BreathFit Socks fabric does not retain sweat, it leaves the skin always dry, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and irritation.

Data sheet:

  • The sock is a fundamental element in the completion of sportswear: the climatic conditions, the discipline practiced, the aesthetics, are all variables that make the choice of the sock subjective and very important.
  • comfortable cuff on the instep
  • comfortable and performing
  • Suitable for training and sports competition in both hot and cold seasons
  • can also be used in everyday life
  • BreathFit Socks® fabric
  • Does not retain sweat, always dry skin
  • Prevents the proliferation of bacteria and irritation
  • Seamless,no pressure point