Steering Motorcycle Helmet Nolan N43E AIR N-com Classic Matt Black Double Approval

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Brand: Nolan
Division: road
brands: unisex
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N43E AIR is the evolution of the N43 AIR, the reference for the "Touring" market. The removable chin guard of the new N43E AIR is characterized by a new design, perfectly integrating the new removable wind protector. Innovative design also of the side cover plates, completely revised, giving the product even more modern and appealing, while offering increased ease of assembly / disassembly of the visor.
The new visor mechanisms allow to maintain the open at the first click, guaranteeing greater comfort of use in warmer weather.
N43E AIR is even more modular and able to meet the specific needs of the motorcyclist: it, in fact, to a summer or winter use. It 'great for the city, but ideal also for out-of-town, thanks to the new and precious standard equipment.
The numerous possible configurations are obtained in an even more easily and quickly.
N43E AIR is distinguished by the important technical solutions, guaranteeing maximum comfort for all.

Technical detail:

  • the exclusive ventilation system, complete and extremely effective, which uses three different managements of the air flows through an air intake front, two rear and two upper;
  • Unmatched riding comfort for the new N43E AIR, thanks to the broad visor: its wide surface, in fact, a broader view, also lateral, thus increasing active safety.
  • The visor can be removed easily and quickly, without the aid of tools, for the operations of maintenance and / or replacement.
  • E 'is also ready to be equipped with Pinlock ® anti-fog visor .;
  • VPS (Vision Protection System)
  • the VPS sunscreen, combined with innovative visor called "Deep Visor", which is large and enveloping the bottom, to the benefit of the aerodynamic qualities of the helmet. The VPS features S / R (Scratch Resistant to scratching) and F / R (Fog Resistant) treatment;
  • the innovative protective chin guard, which passes the homologation tests for full-face helmets.Thanks to a simple and practical fastening system allows the rapid transformation of the helmet jet to full and vice versa.
  • N43E AIR is equipped with comfort padding the latest generation "Clima Comfort" removable and washable, is made from a highly ergonomic fabric that provides freshness in degree in every season, thanks to the new internal air channels.
  • With N-Com
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