T-Shirt Long Sleeve Technique Sixs TS6 Windproof Black

Code: TS6/NEFI
Brand: Sixs
Division: road - cross enduro
brands: man
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T-Shirt Long Sleeve Technique Sixs TS6 Windproof Black

Technical Data Sheet:

  • T-Shirt long sleeve wind protection is the solution proposed by SIXS for winter clothing
  • Unlike all the heads windproof on the market, SIXS studied a T-Shirt that protects from 'cold air, but does not create the greenhouse effect typical of tissues with windstopper
  • Our technology allows sweat to not be in contact with the skin of the athlete ', and this head provides more adequate protection of the entire front, the most exposed to' cold air
  • The back of the T-Shirt gives way to the classic technology SIXS original coal underwear ®that allows to preserve the skin from 'accumulation of sweat
  • The arms are dry and protected from cooling during exercise. Designed for training and competition in any sport, suitable for winter, used to delay as much as possible the use of wind-stoppers and heavy clothing
  • It can be used in other technical garments characteristic of all the underwear.
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