Technical short sleeve base layer Sixs Osmosixs Carbon

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Brand: Sixs
Division: road - cross enduro
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Garments made of a special fabric that exploits, applied to sports, medical technology normally used to treat a severe complications following diabetes or problems phlebological.
Sixs has the exclusive right to use the sports field related to two wheels (motorcycles and bicycles).

The system consists of a particular tissue developed by Sixs, a molecular film that serves as anchoring system and a technique of producing microparticles that contain an active ingredient. The microparticles containing carnosine (the natural antagonist of lactic acid), attach to the molecular film applied on the fabric (for different electrostatic charge) and hatch all'indosso head Carnosine releasing molecules that are absorbed by osmosis transdermally.This allows you to stave off the onset of the adverse effects resulting from the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood and muscles, allowing a more rapid recovery after any type of muscle fatigue.
Carnosine is not a doping substance, does not increase muscle strength, it allows you to develop it in full for longer before cramping, hardening of muscles, loss of strength due to the accumulation of lactic acid.
Carnosine released by osmotic transdermal is taken as 100% if taken orally is metabolized only to 10%.
The leaders Osmosixs, once used, can be recharged carnosine very easily by soaking in an aqueous solution of the dose of charging. The use of dose charging on other garments is totally ineffective.

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